In accordance with the Biblical model, Crossroads Community Church is an Elder-led, Pastoral staff-administrated church.


The Elders shepherd and serve the church (1 Peter 5:1-2), lead the church by example (1 Peter 5:3) and instruction (1 Timothy 3:2), and to direct the affairs of the church (1 Timothy 5:17).   They are the primary leadership body for the church accountable to the body (1 Timothy 5:19) and to God for their decisions and actions (Hebrews 13:17). 


Please feel free to contact your Elder (by first letter of your last name) for leadership matters, doctrinal questions or Pastoral support.  For practical or financial assistance please contact the Deacon Ministry.

Pastor Joe Romeo

Family Name A-Gon

Steve Milley (Chair)
Family Name Gor-M

Marcel Joho
Family Name N-Z


The church is not a top-down, hierarchical institution.  Leadership and power, in the Body of Christ, does not lord itself over others, but exercises itself through service.  Therefore, our organizational flow chart is not a pyramid, where a few exercise authority over the many, but a circle, where vision and servant leadership resonates and expands outwardly from the leadership to the congregation.

Elders, described in the New Testament as overseers and shepherds, are called to care for and lead God’s People.  At Crossroads, the Elders pray, teach and provide pastoral care, as well as leadership and oversight for the church’s staff and ministries.

The Staff is accountable to the elders and is responsible for executing the elder’s vision and carrying out the day to day and week to week operations of the church.

The Deacons are accountable to the Elders and serve as “ministers of mercy” – coming alongside of people in stressful situations by meeting physical and financial needs, and helping them to access resources.  The deacons also help people with budgeting, as well as housing and job search needs.