We believe that God has designed the church to be a healing community—where people can experience love, grace, care and support in the context of relationships.Jesus doesn’t wait for us “have it all together” – He seeks us and finds us and saves us when our lives are a mess (Romans 5:8). At Crossroads, we seek to embody the healing love of Christ to those who are hurting. Pastor Vinnie is a licensed counselor practicing locally in Metrowest; please contact his office at 508.293-1611. The sermons categorized below may help you on your journey.

Develop Christ-centered relationships with your spouse, family and friends.

Improve your spiritual health by improving your emotional health.

Recognize unhealthy patterns and heal from the pain of your past.

Grow to be more like Christ by cooperating with God's work in your life.

Your soul is the most important thing you have. Take good care of it.

Improve your relationship with your spouse as you put Christ in the center.