Finding Satisfaction Above the Sun

By Pastor Vinnie Cappetta



"Finding Satisfaction Above the Sun"


Psalm 17

You know, as God's children, we often find ourselves in a world that seems to be against us. Just imagine a little boy playing in an empty lot, noticing a big, stubborn weed and deciding to yank it out. He's tugging from one side, then the other, and you can almost hear him grunting with the effort. Finally, with one huge pull, the weed's roots give way, and the boy just sits there, totally amazed. A passerby stops and says, "Son, that was quite a pull." The boy replies, "You bet it was, 'cause the whole world was pulling against me." (Adapted from J. Vernon McGee, Thru the Bible)


Likewise, King David, a man who truly had a heart for God, faced his fair share of struggles and opposition. In Psalm 17, he pours out his prayers straight from the heart, no pretense or fakeness. This makes us think, are our own prayers as genuine and heartfelt? Are we being real with our Creator?


In verse 3, David made a commitment to watch his words and honor the Lord with his speech. It's a nudge for us to think about our own words, how we communicate, and whether God might want to change how we talk. Are we using our words to encourage, uplift, and give glory to Him?


While David's "Destroyer" might have meant King Saul in his time, there's this hint that God also protected David from the ultimate Destroyer—the Devil. In our own lives, how do we guard ourselves from harmful influences and temptations?


Have you ever felt like you're the apple of God's eye? You know, just completely secure in His love and care? In tough times, it's pretty comforting to know that God's watching over us.


And David's beautiful imagery of hiding under the shadow of God's wings—it's like finding shelter and safety right in the presence of the Almighty. Have there been moments in your life when you sought refuge under God's protective wings, finding peace and safety in His presence?


Lastly, David's ultimate satisfaction came from being in God's likeness. For us, this could mean the day when we can worship freely, without the burdens of life, or even the day when we close our eyes in death and open them in the presence of the Lord.


So, in a nutshell, David knew where to find real satisfaction—above the sun, in the presence of the Almighty. As we go through life's ups and downs, let's remember that God listens to our genuine prayers, treasures us as the apple of His eye, and offers us refuge under His wings. In Him, we discover ultimate satisfaction, way beyond the struggles of this world.