First Time Child

By Pastor Vinnie Cappetta

Genesis 4:1-7

A group of expectant fathers were in a waiting room, while their wives were in the process of delivering babies. A nurse came in and announced to one man that his wife had just given birth to twins. "That's quite a coincidence" he responded, "I play for the Minnesota Twins!" A few minutes later another nurse came in and announced to another man that he was the father of triplets. "That's amazing," he exclaimed, "I work for the 3M company." At that point, a third man slipped off his chair and laid down on the floor. Somebody asked him if he was feeling ill. "No," he responded, "I happen to work for the 7-up company." Source Unknown

I doubt that is a true story, but it is a funny one. Can you imagine trying to prepare yourself and your home for 7 babies? Adam and Eve only had to prepare for one child at a time, but they had absolutely no experience. Parents often write down things that their babies do for the first time, but Cain was a special baby. Eve’s book was a little different than the ones we see today. Instead of writing down the first time Cain cried, or walked, or spoke, it was the first time any baby had cried, walked or spoken. 

Adam and Eve named their first child Cain because Eve said, “I have gotten a man from the Lord.” Sometimes it’s tough to see that your children are “from the Lord” when they are throwing tantrums or skipping curfew. 

Think about it: in what ways can you see that your children or children that you know are from the Lord?   

Each one of us is someone’s child. In what ways can you honor the fact that you were sent from the Lord to your parents? 

If your parents are not living, perhaps God might send you to “adopt” an older person you don’t already know or build a closer relationship with an older person you do know.