Thanking God for Saying No to Your Prayers


By Pastor Joe Romeo


"Thanking God for Saying No to Your Prayers"


Do you ever thank God for saying No to your prayers? I’ve sought to make the prayer of gratitude below written by Ruth Harms Calkin my own over the past few days. Perhaps you can add your own words in your time of private prayer this week?


Lord, day after day I’ve thanked You for saying yes. 


But when have I genuinely thanked You for saying no?. . .


So thank you for saying no when my want list for things far exceeded my longing for You. . . . 


To my petulant “Just this time, Lord?” thank You for saying no to the senseless excuses, selfish motives, and dangerous diversions. . . . 


Thank You for saying no when I asked You to leave me alone. 


Above all, thank You for saying no when in my anguish I asked “If I give You all else may I keep this?”


Lord, my awe increases when I see the wisdom of Your divine no. 


With love, 


Pastor Joe