Leeching Life from Spiritual Giants


By Pastor Joe Romeo

"Leeching Life from Spiritual Giants "

Philip Yancey once said, “Writers are parasites, leeching life from other people.” Substitute the word writers with preachers and you’ve entered my world. I leech (spiritual) life off of those who, having dwelt with God on Mount Horeb, return to their fellow wayfarers, dropping consolations into bruised hearts. You could say I reap life from those who secured honey from the rock for saints in previous eras (see Psalm 81:16).

One spiritual giant who feeds me is Charles Spurgeon (1834–1892).

Reading Spurgeon’s sermons ushers us into a mind saturated with Scripture and a life permeated with prayer. Understandably, such devotion led to unparalleled power in the pulpit. His sermons were a “demonstration of the Spirit and of power” (1 Corinthians 2:4).They pulsed with spiritual vitality and heart-searching application. And though we are unable to see his facial expressions and hear his voice inflections, it is impossible to read them and not feel his earnest delivery. Spurgeon didn’t just preach the truth; he felt it deep in his bones. 

For this week’s Crossroads Connection, then, I am providing a link to Charles Spurgeon’s sermon “Israel’s God and God’s Israel.”

May God use the words of his servant Charles Spurgeon to shape and fashion us into the likeness of his beloved Son.

Limping toward redemption,

Pastor Joe