Looking More Like the Father Everyday


By Pastor Vinnie Cappetta

"Looking More Like the Father Everyday"

One of my high school mentors commented the other day on Facebook how that every time he sees me, I am looking more and more like my father everyday.

LLoyd John Ogilvy had a similar thought when he looked at an old picture of his father. That prompted him to write…

"Have you been looking for and detecting the inescapable marks of an emerging family likeness to your own heredity? Paul’s codename fruit, far from being archaic, is the flash of an eloquent symbol to remind us that all the graces and characteristics of God are to be modeled in the daily life and relationships of God’s children. 

Are we doing it? Are we giving the world a symmetrical, authentic, fully-formed image of Christ? There is still time. Spiritual growth is not a matter of chronology alone. It’s a matter of spirit. Of heart. Who you are to the next person you meet. In the next crisis you face. In the next moment you live."

-From Radiance of the Inner Splendor

As Pastor Joe pointed out in his recent sermon on Matthew 25:31-46, we are to take on the characteristics of our heavenly father more and more.  The key is in our spiritual practices where we spend time with God and learn from Him. The more quality time we spend with him the more we begin to think and act like he would.