My 'Educative Desolation': A Testimony of God's Faithfulness


By Pastor Joe Romeo


Title: "My 'Educative Desolation': A Testimony of God's Faithfulness" 

Link: My “Educative Desolation”: A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness | Joseph V. Romeo (

Blurb: Dear Church Family, 

One of my assignments for school required me to reflect on a portion of Scripture that has made a profound difference in my life. As you will see in this week’s article, I chose Psalm 119:75. However, I was not content to leave it there. After turning in my assignment, I continued to reflect on how authors outside of Scripture helped me make sense of a challenging season of life. My prayer is that this article will spur you on to consider what portion of Scripture has made a lasting difference in your life, and what authors have helped you process your own "educative desolations."  [read more]