Resolutions....or a New Chapter?

By Pastor Joe Romeo



For this week's Crossroads Connection article, I'd like to draw your attention to an article by author Trevin Wax over at The Gospel Coalition. I came away from the article praying that the story of the gospel will always fill my mind and that the decisions I make in life will always coincide with the good news of the gospel. 


"Every new year we’re reminded of the importance of disciplines, habits, and resolutions. We resolve to do this or that­—more exercising, less eating, more Bible study, less Twitter. When we step into a new calendar year, we take stock of the past and look to the future.

But more important than new habits and resolutions is how we see the next chapter in the ongoing story of our lives. That’s what really matters. It’s not the habit itself (like eating more vegetables or cutting back on sweets), but how it fits into your view of the bigger story of your life. The actions that matter most are the ones that reinforce the story you see yourself in—the narrative that gives shape and significance to your life." [read more]