Satisfaction Under the Sun


By Pastor Vinnie Cappetta


"Satisfaction Under the Sun"


Ecclesiastes 2:18-26

We're all on a journey to find satisfaction in life, and it often leads us down unexpected paths. Take Rick Field, for example, a 41-year-old bachelor with prestigious degrees who found contentment in making pickles. His choice might seem unusual, but there's a lesson there.

Now, consider King Solomon, one of the most powerful and wise rulers in history. Surprisingly, he struggled to find lasting satisfaction in his accomplishments. What can we learn from this contrast?


1.   Why wasn't Solomon satisfied with his work (verse 18)?

Solomon's dissatisfaction stemmed from the temporary nature of worldly achievements. He realized that true fulfillment goes beyond earthly accomplishments.


2.   Have you ever considered that everything your family is acquiring today will be left to someone because you can't take it into eternity?

It's worth thinking about how our pursuit of material wealth may not provide the lasting satisfaction we seek. What really matters in the grand scheme of things?


3.   Solomon says that eating, drinking, and soulful work are a gift from someone's hand. Whose hand (verse 24)?

Solomon reminds us that the simple joys of life are gifts from God. They are meant to be enjoyed with gratitude.


4.   What does God give to the man who is good in God's sight (verse 26a)?

When we seek God's ways and align our lives with His principles, we receive the blessings of goodness and wisdom.


5.   What does God give to the person who ignores God (verse 26b)?

Those who turn away from God may find themselves toiling without the ability to truly savor the fruits of their labor.


Solomon's frequent use of the term "under the sun" emphasizes the idea that trying to find lasting satisfaction without God is like chasing the wind—ultimately fruitless. The key to genuine satisfaction lies "above the sun," in a perspective that includes God.


This week, let's strive for an "above the sun" view of satisfaction. By recognizing that true contentment comes from our relationship with God and seeking His guidance, we can find a sense of fulfillment that transcends earthly pursuits.