Your Neighbor's Beliefs

By Pastor Joe Romeo


Upon arriving in Massachusetts, I was reintroduced to Unitarian Universalism. (I even bought a book about it--no surprise there!) Since their meetinghouses dot the landscape of New England, I figured I should familiarize myself with their teachings. As Jonathan Tjarks makes clear in an article I'm sharing with you this week, however, even those who do not attend Unitarian Universalist meetings, still basically subscribe to the same beliefs. So, read this blog and familiarize yourself with what your friends and neighbors probably believe. 

"Most Americans are Unitarian Universalists. They just don’t know it. Only 0.3 percent of Americans identify as members of the denomination, but its belief system has come to define our culture. The central message of the UU church is that you can believe anything you want—except that there are objectively right and wrong beliefs." [read more]